Spring Cleaning How-To & My Results!


Hello my lovely readers! I am so sorry that I haven’t been as active on here (5 days without posting is too long in my opinion!). Thankfully though, I finally had the time to sit down tonight. Two weekends ago I spent two straight days tearing my room apart, throwing tons of things out, and then putting it back together. It felt so refreshing to get rid of old and unused stuff! I now have lots of old clothes, books, decor, etc. sitting in my storage room, and I’ll be having a garage sale within the next month ($$ for summer!!). Anyways, in this post I’ll be including my personal before and after photos, along with some tricks for really clearing out old stuff. Hope you enjoy!

And the photo above features some new decor I set up; the candles are from Bath & Body Works, and the skull is a flea market find. 🙂 The jar with sea glass in it is from a candy shop in Denmark, and the sea glass is courtesy of  Hawaii!





As you can see, I got quite a bit done last weekend! My closet was overflowing when I began this project. Stuff had to go. Here are some basic rules that I followed when cleaning out my closet:

1. If you think you might wear it in the future, you probably won’t. Give it away or sell it.

2. Anything with holes, stains, see through areas, etc. must go. Invest in something new!

3. If it doesn’t fit anymore, give it away. Someone else will love to have it. [I got rid of most of my pants and shorts because I’ve dropped about two pants sizes in the past year! While I loved my Paige Jeans, they just didn’t fit right anymore.]

4. See if you can DIY something you don’t wear anymore. Turn it into a new beloved piece!

5. Store winter clothes away. I moved mine towards the right side of my closet, where I keep non-everyday stuff. It freed up so much room because all the bulk was gone!

6. Even throw out old pouches and purses. You’ll be much prouder of a very beloved, small collection.

7. Last, but not least: try everything on. You’ll be surprised when you see how much stuff no longer fits perfectly!

Any clothes that were beyond saving I gave to my mom to use as rags. I saved some old baggy jeans to DIY, but other than that most of the other stuff went on my garage sale pile. I’ll be selling the clothes for cheap soon to make some cash for traveling this summer! 🙂 I’ll be having mine with friends, it’ll be a fun day and maybe the idea of doing something similar can motivate you to clean out!








After I was done cleaning, my room felt airy and fresh. My mom and I went shoe shopping immediately after and I found two great pairs (you’ll see them soon). Now since I’ve cleared so much stuff out, I can look forward to filling the holes I have in my wardrobe with new, well deserved pieces. And in case you can’t tell from the photo above, I love to read! 🙂

If you’re wondering where anything comes from, leave me a comment below and I’ll be happy to answer any questions!

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