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Hello my lovely readers! Get ready for the most stereotypical high school post of all time. While this post is going to be a bit more personal, I wanted to share this exciting day with you guys! This past Saturday I had my high school senior prom. It was an incredible night! I loved seeing all of my friends dressed up and looking so spiffy. We gathered around 5:00 to take pictures together, and then piled into our party bus and drove to the actual event. The venue was awesome (but I won’t be posting it on here because I don’t want to give my school away). The night ended up being filled with surprisingly decent food and lots of dancing. I hope you guys enjoy this post, and keep on scrolling for dress/hair/makeup details!

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First of all, my dress (aka my love). I got super lucky last November when I spotted this baby at a designer sale (one dress, and in my size!). My friend Maddy (who you’ll see pictured below) insisted that I try it on despite prom being months away, and it fit like a dream. Thus, this $500 gown became mine for $50 (!!). The designer is Tadashi Shoji, and they sell her pieces at Nordstrom. You can also find an impressive lineup of gorgeous evening gowns on her website. On my feet, I wore strappy silver heels by Kelly & Katie, found at DSW.



I had my hair done at Dry Bar, and my makeup done at Sephora. I was beyond please with the service I got at both. The lady that did my hair at Dry Bar was so nice; she asked me exactly what I wanted (I got the Mai Tai!) and took my hair type into consideration. I have very limp hair that loses volume/curls easily, but the way she curled it kept my hair looking great until 3 AM the next morning. As with my makeup experience at Sephora, I was not only beyond pleased but also had so much fun while getting my makeup done! A girl named Danny did my makeup, and was so sweet. I came in with pictures of Blake Lively’s natural look for inspiration, and she just took it from there. Then a second girl came over and applied 20 individual lashes to each eye. The work she did was flawless! If you have any product questions, leave them below and I’ll be happy to answer. 🙂

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And meet my best friends! I love them to death and I think we all looked amazing. 🙂


Shamelessly caught selfie-ing

And that concludes this post! Despite it being different from what usually goes up here, I really do hope you all enjoyed it! 🙂

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Color Blocked Nail Art!

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Hello my lovely readers! Today’s post is all about the nails I rocked a week ago for Easter Sunday. I’m pretty new to the nail art game, but had been dying to try a little something extra, so this design worked out perfectly! It’s pretty easy to master, and I’m pretty proud of the way mine came out after my first try 🙂



The polishes I used are by Morgan Taylor in the shades Color Me Bold (an electric orange) and Birthday Suit (the perfect nude for my light skin tone). I’m not sure where you can purchase these in stores (I got mine in a goody bag while interning at LAFW) but I found both shades online here and here.


While I kind of winged my technique while doing this design, I found a tutorial here. The only difference when I did it was that I layered two pieces of tape over one another to create the triangle. Both techniques work just fine though!

Two tips: be sure your nails are 200% dry before adding the tape onto your base color, and be sure to press down on the tape so that lines stay clean 🙂

If any of you end up trying this out, be sure to comment below and link me to your results!! I’d love to see 😀

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Nail of The Week (NOTW)-Revlon’s Spanish Moss

Hello my wonderful readers! This week I thought I’d introduce something new to my blog. Starting now, I am going to try to do these nail posts about once a week. That way, you’ll see what I’m wearing and get a built-in review!


This week’s color is Revlon’s Spanish Moss (190). It’s part of their Colorstay Line, and polishes retail from about $4-$7. I picked mine up at Target. The Colorstay polishes are my drugstore favorite, and in my top 5 overall favorite polishes of all time.


The polish is an olive green shade. I’m wearing two coats here, and have my Out The Door topcoat over it (I can’t speak enough praise for that topcoat; dries incredibly fast and shines like crazy!). This polish gave me medium-good wear. There were no chips for about 4 days, and then everything quickly came off. However, I think the price is unbeatable, and the color is incredibly sophisticated.


I give this polish a score of 8.5/10. My only problem was how fast the whole manicure peeled off after the first chip, but I feel like I can’t complain too much because of the price. This nail polish is very trusted in my collection.

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What are you wearing on your nails this week? Comment below, I’d love to know!


Packing Skincare For A Tropical Vacation

Hello my lovely readers! Today’s post is all about what skincare I packed for my vacation to Hawaii. I ended up getting a ton of use out of most of this stuff, and I hope you find my thought helpful! Back at home, these products are my daily “holy grails”. I am now back in Los Angeles, so expect the fashion/makeup/Oahu posts to start rolling in. Can’t wait to share all that is to come 🙂


Above is the bag that I used to pack all my stuff. I completely forgot to snap a picture of my own bag, however, I found it online! I love this for traveling. It’s quite compact, but so much fits inside! It’s even waterproof, and comes with a mirror. I promise, it fits everything. Find it here!

photo 5 (2)

These first two things that I packed were more “in-flight essentials” than anything else. I always need to have hand sanitizer on me, because I get sick constantly (and I chew my nails, bad combination, I know). Clean hands automatically make me feel more human on the plane! This one is one that my mom got as a freebie, however, you can literally find some anywhere (Bath and Body Works makes really yummy smelling ones!). These Clean & Clear oil absorbing sheets also always come along. After a plane ride, I simply wipe one over my face to look fresh and ready to go!

photo 4 (4)

A very vital item that got thrown in with the rest of my skincare stuff is a hair brush. Sadly, I forgot my normal one at home, so this had to do for the vacation. However, I give much credit to this little guy! The brush was a find from the dollar section at Target, and really did its job during the trip.

photo 2 (3)

Of course shampoo and conditioner came along. These two are from Lather; I scored them from my mom. I used them both up, and they smelled delicious. I especially liked the “mint thyme” scent of the shampoo, it smelled so fresh and clean! Both worked well, and I might be looking into the full sized products now that I’m home.

photo 5 (1)

Another array of hair products that came along were my hair oils. I found these were vital after a few days at the beach, when the salt water had completely dried my hair out. The John Frieda one was a sample, and honestly a little too oily for my taste. However, the L’oreal is my all time favorite, and it has soo much product in it! After washing my hair at night, I’d rub the oil in, braid my hair, and then sleep on it. In the morning, I always had soft beachy waves! Perfect for the tropical vacation. And it smells like watermelon 🙂

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Dry shampoo ended up being the one thing that I didn’t get a ton of use out of. I went swimming nearly every day, and thus I showered/washed my hair everyday. However, this John Frieda one is perfect for traveling. Dry shampoo is usually a must for me, and this small size is so practical!

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Bobby pins were an essential for this trip. While they’re not exactly haircare, they were still a vital part of what I used everyday while getting ready! I pinned back my beachy hair everyday, or used the “DNA Pins” to put my hair up in a bun while tanning. I stow them in an old Altoids tin, I’ve found that’s super practical for traveling!

photo 1 (3)

These skincare products are the reason I live (or, the reason my skin isn’t scaly and hideous). Not available in the US (sorry American readers!!) I stock up on the face cream and body lotion every time I visit Germany. Bepanthol is available throughout Europe, in many countries I believe (I know France and the UK for sure). It is great for skin with eczema, and comes with me where ever I go. The face cream (the smaller, pink one) was especially helpful during this trip because my skin was always dried out from swimming. I used it twice a day, and that helped keep my skin nice and soft. The body lotion (big blue one) was great after a day of being in the sun. (find it here, however, the website is all in German)

photo 3 (2)

Aquaphor is my staple when it comes to lip, nail, or intensive face moisture. My lips and nails got pretty dry from all the snorkeling I did. So, I’d just slather this on at night, right before bed on all the affected areas, and my skin was totally refreshed in the morning. It’s scentless (and often used on babies), so even the most sensitive skin (my skin) can handle it.

photo 4 (2)

And of course deodorant came along. This one is my favorite of all time, the Nivea Stress Protect 48 Hour Spray. I believe that this is only available throughout Europe, so once again I am very sorry to my non-European readers. For those in Europe, find it here, or in any drugstore! (find it here, but it only ships within Europe)


And the last, but must important thing that came along, is my sunscreen. My bottle was all nasty, but I just wanted to show you which one I used during my trip. It worked great, and kept me protected all day at the beach. It also worked really well with my sensitive skin. Don’t forget sunscreen when going on a tropical vacation!! It’s incredibly important. 

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What do you pack when you go on vacation?


Packing For A Beach Vacation: Makeup

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Hello lovely readers! Today I will be showing you what makeup I packed for my beach vacation to Hawaii. Pictured above is the bag I brought; it’s a beat up (yet still completely adorable, at least in my opinion) Snoopy pouch from H&M that my mom got me for Valentines Day in the 3rd grade. It has been a favorite for almost ten years 🙂

photo 3 (3)

For this trip, it fit absolutely everything I needed. I tried to keep the packing light, because I was aware that most days would be spent with a natural face, lying out by the ocean. However, all of my holy grail, everyday stuff came along for days when I felt like putting in the effort, and nights out! Being almost done with the trip, I can confidently say I (mostly) packed the right stuff.

photo 1 (4)

What I have been getting the most use out of are my beloved concealer products; I use these items every day. Thankfully, the Bare Minerals Foundation (Fairly Light) has SPF 15-perfect coverage for walking around in the sun! I apply it using the pictured Real Techniques Pointed Foundation Brush. The Maybelline Cover Stick (Ivory) always goes on as my base, and had to come along as well. This trio works so well for me, that I didn’t even need to take along a bulky foundation bottle! When traveling, try to see if only concealer will work for you too.

photo 1 (1)

The only other face product I packed is my NARS Orgasm/Laguna Duo, and the brushes that I used to apply the Blush/Bronzer (Ecotools Blush Brush and the Real Techniques Contour Brush). I’ve been getting my use out of the bronzer (I like to contour my jawline) but not much out of the blush. Being in the sun all day makes me naturally rosy, and putting on blush then makes me as red as a tomato!

photo 4 (3)

Another product that I brought (and have been getting a ton of use out of) is my Smashbox Pro Eyeshadow Palette (no longer for sale, but an almost exact dupe here). It is a bit of a space waster because I only use the dark brown to fill in my brows, but I haven’t found anything better. However, when I get home I will be going on the hunt for a more travel friendly product (because the palette is really quite bulky). That being said though, I love that brown. I apply it almost everyday here in Hawaii using my Real Techniques Brow Brush, and then I even out the color with a spooley. The Tweezerman was also a must bring along, as I always want my brows looking good. They’re mini, perfect for travel!

photo 2 (1)

When it comes to eye products, I think I over packed. Here’s some advice: when you’re in the water and on the beach 7 hours a day, eye makeup won’t be a priority. I’ve used my p2 Lift-Up Lash mascara* (All Black) only a single time, and the eyeliners not once. Eye makeup is a hassle, especially when it’s running all over your face. So my advice is bring only 1 mascara (waterproof) and maybe one dark eyeliner for going out. While I love my NYX Candy Glitter Liner (Disco Ball), my Studio Liquid Liner (Extreme Blue), and my MAC Pearlglide Intense Liner (Petrol Blue), they simply haven’t been of good use here.

photo 5


Next up was my hardest packing decision: my lip products! I ended up going with my trusted Smith’s Rosebud Salve, Maybelline’s Lipstick in Make Me Pink (135), and Tarte’s LipSurgence in Enchanted. I’ve been getting lots of use out of the Rosebud Salve. It’s absolutely perfect for dried out salty lips! My advice with this product though is don’t bring it to the beach. It will melt and leak all over (something I sadly know all too well). I have been loving my Maybelline lipstick for going out to dinner at night or hitting the town, and it looks great now that I’m quite a bit more tan. However, the Tarte no longer looks as good. I’ve learned it suits me better when I’m at my usual pale shade, so it hasn’t been getting much love. Keep in mind when you’re packing that you’ll get darker, and thus might use different products than usual.

photo 2 (4)

The last product I packed is my L’occitane Thé Vert (Green Tea) Solid Perfume. My hand is shown in the picture to show you what a perfect traveling companion it is! This delicious scent is energizing and fresh: aka, completely perfect for a tropical vacation. No regrets here. This product is easy, smells yummy, and weighs nothing. (I just learned while looking for the link that this product is sadly no longer made. So sorry guys! However, you can find more L’occitane Solid Perfumes here & here.)

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What are your travel must haves? Be sure to let me know, because I’m always looking for new products (especially with those post Christmas giftcards!).


*I am sorry to disclose to you non-Germans that this product is only sold in Germany. The link included leads to the German DM website, which is the drugstore chain that I bought it in, in Germany. It is very similar to Maybelline’s Colossal Lash for those interested.