Easy Gluten Free Cookies


Hello my lovely readers! Today’s post is focused around a recipe that I tried out earlier this week. Fun fact about me: I’ve been gluten free for about 5 months now! In January the doctor ordered me off it because she believed it was a major cause of my constant colds. And she was right! Since then, I’ve only been really sick once (which is nothing compared to how often I used to get sick). And not only that; I’ve felt more awake, less bloated, and have had nicer skin since I stopped eating gluten. Now, if any of you are wondering what gluten is, Google defines it as: a substance present in cereal grains, especially wheat, that is responsible for the elastic texture of dough; a mixture of two proteins, it causes illness in people with celiac disease (note, I do not have celiac disease, just an intolerance). Obviously, a lot of lifestyle changes had to occur, but I think I’m doing well. It forces me to try out new recipes, including these yummy 5-ingredient cookies I’m showing you today. 🙂


Now, these cookies are ridiculously easy to make. I took the recipe from this Instagram and this particular post, and modified it to work better for me and my preferences. The recipes calls for: 2 bananas (smashed), 1 1/2 cup oats, and then a variety of nuts and chocolate chips (I left the nuts out because I’m allergic). Personally, I ended up adding a few sprinkles of cinnamon for taste, and about 2 tablespoons of honey to help all the pieces stick together better.




What worked best for me was to first smash the bananas, then pour the oats over it, and then dump on the chocolate chips. When deciding how many nuts/chocolate chips to add, it’s up to you.


After mixing it all together like this, I tasted my mixture and decided to add the cinnamon. At this point, my batch was having a hard time sticking together so in the honey went.

Lastly, I stuck them in a 375 degree oven, and baked them for 15 minutes.


My final result? Quick, easy, and super delicious gluten free cookies! The chocolate craves my sweet tooth (without being too sweet though), and these are a great snack after a long day at school.

A must try, whether you are living gluten free or not. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Easy Gluten Free Cookies

  1. It seems like such a simple and easy recipe! And pretty healthy, too. I have to try this out asap, but I’ll probably replace the chocolate chips with some dried cranberries because I’m obsessed with those things.

    • Yes, and it will be made much healthier with those cranberries! I love them too and didn’t even think to put them in, I’ll for sure be adding some in next time I make these cookies 🙂

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