5 of My Favorite Things #1


Hello my lovely readers! Today’s post is the first in a series I’m aiming to start. Every once in a while, I’ll share a post like this telling you guys all about my five current favorite things!

The first of my favorites is already pictured above :). Grace Kelly (a 1950s American actress turned princess, read her story here if interested) is one of my biggest inspirations, and this week in photo class I had the chance to recreate one of the portraits she took. The photo to the left is the one I took, and the right was the inspiration. The project was so much fun, and spending a lot of time and effort on it was 100% one of my recent favorite things.



Forgive me if this is a little childish, but my second favorite thing right now are the Sour Patch Watermelon gummy candies. They’re super unhealthy and all, but just so freaking good. They even vaguely have a watermelon taste, rather than just being sour and sugary! These are my guilty pleasure, and were by my side all of last weekend while spring cleaning (stay tuned, a post is coming!).



This next item is my new child. Literally. Well, not literally but you know what I mean. Purchased over spring break with my hard earned tutoring money, this wallet has been at my side ever since. It’s actually the first major, designer item I’ve ever bought and I’m incredibly proud of it. I was actually torn between this and a new pair of nice sunglasses, but after some convincing from a friend went with this choice (and ordered new sunnies from ASOS!). It’s made of a beautiful black leather, and the inside features to spaces to tuck receipts and cash, along with ample gift card/debit card room and a coin section. It’s so, pretty, and I regret nothing about this purchase (I’m considering it an early graduation gift to myself 🙂 )


While quite a bit less exciting, this fourth favorite has quickly become one of my “holy grails”. After trying out one of these babies from a friend (this baby in particular being the EOS Pomegranate Raspberry Lip Balm) I was hooked and had to get one of my own. Inexpensive, this little guy does his job of keeping my lips soft (a necessity in the dry Los Angeles climate) and smelling absolutely delicious (and it tastes great too!).


And last but not least I present to you the pants that I have been living in: my Lululemons. They are the Wunder Undercrop, and were bought semi-impulsively during a spring break trip to Santa Barbara. My friends warned me that once I tried them on I wouldn’t want to take them off, and that rang true. These are incredible and fully live up to the hype surrounding them. The band keeps them a little bit fashionable, and the fabric/fit are both so comfortable. Reversible, I can even pull off wearing them to school twice in one week 😉 (but don’t tell anybody!).


I hope that you all have enjoyed this post, thank you so much for reading! What are your current must-haves? Comment below, I’d love to hear!

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