The Pink Romper

photo 3 (4)

Hello my lovely readers! Today is an outfit post, featuring my absolute favorite LF romper. I have been really enjoying this warm California weather. While I do miss the rain, there’s no denying that there are many more options with warmth (or maybe I just own absolutely no warm clothes, might be a problem in France next year). How has the weather been where yo live? This outfit is one that I adore, and in my over air-conditioned classrooms the Gap cardigan keeps me from freezing to death. And, you will quickly realize that my Doc Martens are one of the favorite things in my closet 🙂

For the photos, I  thank my very close friend and incredibly talented photographer Erin. Click through the link to check out her Instagram! We headed up to a park in West Hills, an area in Los Angeles. One thing that I’ve been loving about this blog is that it kinda forces me to get out. Yay for new adventures! Anyways, enjoy 🙂

photo 5 (4)

photo 2 (5)

Romper: LF — Cardigan: Gap — Socks: A gift from my mother (I believe they’re from Norway)

Shoes: Doc Martens

Necklace: Soto Boutique — Rings: Assorted stores/vintage

afterlight (10)

Details: I wore my simple natural day look, and my hair tied back in it’s signature braids.

Three words: Simple, simple, simple! I simply don’t have the time to put hours into my makeup and hair while getting ready for school (what can I say, I just love sleep).

Thank you so much for reading! And I especially wanted to say thank you for the incredible feedback I got on my last post, it really means the world! To stay up to date with new posts, be sure to follow me on here, or through Bloglovin’. And while you’re at it, send me a tweet, I always love to hear from my readers 🙂 Lastly, enjoy some photos galore on my Instagram! It’s an addiction..

I hope your week got off to a great start! Anything exciting planned?



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