Spending the Day on Kauai’s North Shore


Hello lovely readers! During our trip to Kauai, Hawaii, my family made sure to check out the island’s North side. We spent a lovely day visiting the lighthouse, beach hopping, and even discovered a cool cave along the way. It was a day well spent, and I highly recommend visiting all the spots we hit up if you ever find yourself in Kauai. I hope you enjoy these photos, and I’ll be sure to explain everything as I go.


While going to our destination, we happened to drive under this amazing tree tunnel. I, always desperate for the good shot, ran out into the middle of the road to take it. The whole entire street goes along like this, and some parts even get so dense that barely any light comes through. Definitely something worth seeing!




Our first destination of the day was the Kilauea Lighthouse, located on the North Coast. Walking to the lighthouse, the view was magical. It’s surrounded by bluffs and bright blue waters that are always crashing up against the rocks. If you’re lucky (and patient) enough, sometimes you’ll even see a whale flying up from the waters. The lighthouse offers free binocular rentals, so don’t worry about bringing your own. For those history nerds, there’s two exhibits inside; the lighthouse contains a rich history as does the nature around it.


Following the lighthouse, my family drove up the coast for quite a while. This is where we happened upon my favorite spot of the day: Anini Beach. The view was out of this world. Everywhere I looked, there was golden sand and clear blue waters. Parts of the beach are shaded by large growing trees, which are beautiful and very fun to climb on.


My brother and I went for a swim. Snorkelers before us had claimed to have seen several sea turtles, but my brother and I didn’t get as lucky. We swam out pretty far over the coral reef, and started to get pulled out by the tide. However, we ended up making it back in, and enjoyed a picnic on the sand. After lunch, I laid down and read (John Green’s The Fault In Our Stars, it was spectacular). It ended up being a perfect break from all the sightseeing we had been doing earlier.


As we were driving, we came across a large cave at the side of the road (The Maniniholo Dry Cave). Of course we ended up wandering in! It was quite spooky, and very dark. The only good shot I could get was this one as we were coming out. The cave is set into a huge, towering hillside, covered in vines and trees. The lighting is pretty poor though, so it was difficult to get pictures.



Across from the cave, there was another beach. However, this one was not for swimming; it was more of a surfer’s area. It was quite beautiful though. We ended up just sitting on some rocks, watching the surfer’s try to catch their waves. The one above had quite a hard time getting in, because, like many beaches in Kauai, the water stays pretty shallow until you get way out.


And that was our day! I wanted to include one more fashion related shot. My clothes weren’t very blog worthy, but I was a big fan of my jewelry. I picked up the ring at a surf shop in Kauai, and the turquoise bracelet is something a friend got me when she went to Thailand.

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What places have you just visited, or which have you been dreaming of? Let me know below!



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