Fashion in Film: Ginger and Rosa


In 2013 I saw an incredible movie called Ginger and Rosa. It stars Elle Fanning (Ginger) and Alice Englert (Rosa) as “two teenage girls …growing up in 1960s London as the Cuban Missile Crisis looms, and the pivotal event that comes to redefine their relationship” (to quote IMBD). Not only did I adore the story, but I fell head-over-heels in love with the fashion in the movie. What a Topshop article calls the “Factory Girl” girl look, it consists of muted grays, heavy coats, denim, and lots of turtlenecks. Honestly, it had a huge effect on my personal style. Since I saw the movie, I’ve been non-stop wearing just about the same wardrobe as Ginger and Rosa.


The words I’d personally use to describe the girl’s style is tragically hip. Their look is so effortless, so careless, yet still perfect and put together. I browsed the internet to find some pieces so you can put together the look yourself if interested! For the school girl skirt, I found this Modcloth piece, and some American Apparel knee high socks. Finish up the look with a collared shirt, and a heavy-duty coat!


This look has become almost daily for me. I love its simplicity; simple dark wash jeans over a light denim button down! I really like these jeans from Gap, and found this & this for the denim button down (H&M and American Eagle). A simple, yet automatically put together look. (And has anybody else ever fantasized about straightening hair this way? I didn’t know it was possible until seeing the movie!)


Another clothing piece that I fell in love with is anything turtleneck! However, I don’t think I could ever be taken seriously in one, so I picked out some “less intense turtlenecks”. Here’s a piece I found  from Topshop, I feel like it’s a modern take on the 60s look! Pull it off tucked into a skirt, or above a pair of dark wash jeans. For something warmer, check out this one from Gap.


Don’t they just look tragically hip? To be honest, for a while after the movie I contemplated going redhead, just because Elle pulls it off so well! The turtlenecks are back here, however, what inspired me the most were the gray tones in the sweaters. I found this amazing tunic from Topshop, which is easier to pull off than the turtlenecks. Then, I found these green pants to go with the sweater, and this utility jacket! Try pairing it up with a plaid scarf to brighten up the look, I really like this colorful one from Zara. If you’re further interested in the gray shades, I found this heavily reduced American Eagle blazer. The fiber blend looks just like the turtlenecks that the girls are wearing!


Lastly, I adored the dark colors that the “deep” Rosa was always wearing. They look so grown up and sophisticated, especially with that impeccable eyeliner and updo! If you want to steal the look, I found three amazing dresses from ASOS. This one brings back the beloved turtleneck. It’s quite reserved, but reminds me of the times the movie takes place in. With this dress, it’s the adorable white collar that pulled me in. It adds something interesting to an otherwise plain dress! Pair it with some bright heels, and you have an incredible outfit. The third dress I found is a less reserved one, and is super reduced from its original price. It think it would look incredibly Ginger and Rosa like if you paired it with these killer boots, also from ASOS.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this look into my fashion inspiration, and I hope that you got some inspiration for your winter wardrobe! I tried to keep everything I linked to inexpensive.

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What films inspired your fashion? Let me know, I always like watching new things! 🙂


Images courtesy of this Topshop article and A24 entertainment.


32 thoughts on “Fashion in Film: Ginger and Rosa

  1. What an amazing post! I really enjoyed reading this! I am so often inspired by the fashion in films I see, and regularly create outfits based on them on my blog..
    I would definitely recommend these films to you..
    When Harry Met Sally
    The Breakfast Club
    Thelma and Louise
    Manhattan/ Annie Hall


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  3. Elle Fanning is one of my personal style icons, so I was more than delighted to read about the fashion in this movie. I never inspected the costumes in the movie carefully, so thank you for sharing this because the girls’ style in this movie is absolutely amazing. I just want everything.

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