Packing For A Beach Vacation: Makeup

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Hello lovely readers! Today I will be showing you what makeup I packed for my beach vacation to Hawaii. Pictured above is the bag I brought; it’s a beat up (yet still completely adorable, at least in my opinion) Snoopy pouch from H&M that my mom got me for Valentines Day in the 3rd grade. It has been a favorite for almost ten years 🙂

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For this trip, it fit absolutely everything I needed. I tried to keep the packing light, because I was aware that most days would be spent with a natural face, lying out by the ocean. However, all of my holy grail, everyday stuff came along for days when I felt like putting in the effort, and nights out! Being almost done with the trip, I can confidently say I (mostly) packed the right stuff.

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What I have been getting the most use out of are my beloved concealer products; I use these items every day. Thankfully, the Bare Minerals Foundation (Fairly Light) has SPF 15-perfect coverage for walking around in the sun! I apply it using the pictured Real Techniques Pointed Foundation Brush. The Maybelline Cover Stick (Ivory) always goes on as my base, and had to come along as well. This trio works so well for me, that I didn’t even need to take along a bulky foundation bottle! When traveling, try to see if only concealer will work for you too.

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The only other face product I packed is my NARS Orgasm/Laguna Duo, and the brushes that I used to apply the Blush/Bronzer (Ecotools Blush Brush and the Real Techniques Contour Brush). I’ve been getting my use out of the bronzer (I like to contour my jawline) but not much out of the blush. Being in the sun all day makes me naturally rosy, and putting on blush then makes me as red as a tomato!

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Another product that I brought (and have been getting a ton of use out of) is my Smashbox Pro Eyeshadow Palette (no longer for sale, but an almost exact dupe here). It is a bit of a space waster because I only use the dark brown to fill in my brows, but I haven’t found anything better. However, when I get home I will be going on the hunt for a more travel friendly product (because the palette is really quite bulky). That being said though, I love that brown. I apply it almost everyday here in Hawaii using my Real Techniques Brow Brush, and then I even out the color with a spooley. The Tweezerman was also a must bring along, as I always want my brows looking good. They’re mini, perfect for travel!

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When it comes to eye products, I think I over packed. Here’s some advice: when you’re in the water and on the beach 7 hours a day, eye makeup won’t be a priority. I’ve used my p2 Lift-Up Lash mascara* (All Black) only a single time, and the eyeliners not once. Eye makeup is a hassle, especially when it’s running all over your face. So my advice is bring only 1 mascara (waterproof) and maybe one dark eyeliner for going out. While I love my NYX Candy Glitter Liner (Disco Ball), my Studio Liquid Liner (Extreme Blue), and my MAC Pearlglide Intense Liner (Petrol Blue), they simply haven’t been of good use here.

photo 5


Next up was my hardest packing decision: my lip products! I ended up going with my trusted Smith’s Rosebud Salve, Maybelline’s Lipstick in Make Me Pink (135), and Tarte’s LipSurgence in Enchanted. I’ve been getting lots of use out of the Rosebud Salve. It’s absolutely perfect for dried out salty lips! My advice with this product though is don’t bring it to the beach. It will melt and leak all over (something I sadly know all too well). I have been loving my Maybelline lipstick for going out to dinner at night or hitting the town, and it looks great now that I’m quite a bit more tan. However, the Tarte no longer looks as good. I’ve learned it suits me better when I’m at my usual pale shade, so it hasn’t been getting much love. Keep in mind when you’re packing that you’ll get darker, and thus might use different products than usual.

photo 2 (4)

The last product I packed is my L’occitane Thé Vert (Green Tea) Solid Perfume. My hand is shown in the picture to show you what a perfect traveling companion it is! This delicious scent is energizing and fresh: aka, completely perfect for a tropical vacation. No regrets here. This product is easy, smells yummy, and weighs nothing. (I just learned while looking for the link that this product is sadly no longer made. So sorry guys! However, you can find more L’occitane Solid Perfumes here & here.)

I hope you enjoyed this post! Thank you so much for reading. If you enjoyed this be sure to follow (either on here or through Bloglovin’), because a skincare packing post will be up in a few days 🙂 And if interested, follow my brand new Twitter!

What are your travel must haves? Be sure to let me know, because I’m always looking for new products (especially with those post Christmas giftcards!).


*I am sorry to disclose to you non-Germans that this product is only sold in Germany. The link included leads to the German DM website, which is the drugstore chain that I bought it in, in Germany. It is very similar to Maybelline’s Colossal Lash for those interested.


6 thoughts on “Packing For A Beach Vacation: Makeup

  1. I’ve been wondering about the rosebud salve. I see it at my local Sephora. Does it have a lot of perfume in it? I just splurged on Bite’s lip mask. I love it and I think the tube will last me a very long time.

    • Ohh that lip mask sounds like something I’d be interested in trying, I’ll be sure to look it up!

      It is slightly fragranced, but not too much. I get turned off my products that smell too strongly (they give me headaches!) so if you’re similar to me, you should be in the clear for this one! 🙂 Let me know if you end up getting it!


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