January Wishlist

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It might just be the post-holiday sales, or the extra time I’ve had to shop online, but my wishlist has grown quite a bit! I’ve had my eye on the four items above for quite a bit now. I just love January–not only are there ample amounts of  sales, but companies are also rolling out their new lineups. Julia is happy! (and the wallet is empty)

#1: I think that this Kate Spade coin purse is the absolute cutest thing. I could just imagine it hanging from my keychain! I love the quote on it, and the light-art used to portray it. I’ve been a big fan of designs like this since my trip to Tokyo this past summer. If interested, you can find the coin purse here. What I love the most about it has to be that it’s on sale, and at that there is currently an extra 20% off of sale going on! I might just have to bite.

#2: This is brand new from Benefit, and I love it! I’m almost sure that everybody has heard of Benefit’s famous cheek/lip tints (Benetint is in the family), and I’m certain that quite a few people are lusting after this new orchid shade (me being one of them!). Personally, I find this color to die for, and absolutely perfect for spring. The pricetag is quite lofty at $30, but I have Christmas gift cards calling out to me! We’ll see where it goes. Find the product here.

#3: This beautiful holiday set from Ciate contains everything a person needs: 17 mini shades, and 7 textures (including their infamous caviar nail pearls). I have to say, this purchase is completely unjustifiable. My nail polish collection is exploding out of my closet, and that is after the major cleanout I did (I’m doing a nail polish swap with my unwanted colors within my friend group!). However, it is on sale ($41 from $58) and there is a sale on sale promotion on the Sephora website, so we’ll see. 😀

#4: Maybe I’m just lusting after this case because I’m currently in Hawaii and snorkeling everyday, but I can’t stop thinking about the artistic pictures I could take underwater. It’s so tempting! At $79.99 though, I think I’ll remain hopeful for a sale. A broke student can only afford so much.

While these objects will most likely remain wishful thinking, I wanted to show you guys some things I had had my eye on! What have you been lusting after? Comment below!

Images courtesy of sephora.com, lifeproof.com, and katespade.com

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6 thoughts on “January Wishlist

    • Hello! Thank you so much, I’ll definitely look into that!! Phone cases are just the best 😀

      And I followed you back, I love your blog 🙂 Thanks for the follow 😀


  1. I need to get a lifeproof case BADLY. I’ve almost bought it twice now, and both times that i didn’t i dropped my phone THANKFULLY didn’t break or anything so that was my sign that i NEED one haha.

    • I’ve been very lucky with my phone as well (one time it even dropped in the toilet and fully submerged, but it was fine!!). No cracks or anything! But I know my luck is gonna run out soon haha

      They are so pricey though!! I think I might just go for it though 😀

      Thanks for reading!


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